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cave molly male

Our Animals

Höhlenbewohnender Guppy-Verwandter
Cave molly male
(Poecilia mexicana)
Tarsier (Tarsius lariang
Water flea (Daphnia) with parthenogenetic eggs
Snails are our long-term model systems (here: the freshwater limpet Ancylus fluviatilis)
Water flea with ephippium (resting egg)
Invasive invertebrates (Dreissena, Corophium)
on submerged rocks of the Rhine river
Aggressive crabs:
Potamon fluviatile
in Southern Italy
a running-water caddisfly larva in its case
(Anomalopterygella, family Limnephilidae, Drusinae)
Feral cat
Gazella gazella
Feral cat in Australia
(Felis sylvestris catus)

  Hyla minuta, a tree frog from Bolivia
– from our cooperation with Senckenberg
  Gazella gazella on the Arabian peninsula
Research and protection