Scientific Research

Mountain meteorology and numerical weather prediction (NWP) modeling.

My current research focuses on Foehn modeling and analyzing. Foehn has significant climatic and social impacts. Its warming and descending mechanisms are essential for our understanding, not only about Foehn itself but also about atmospheric dynamics around mountain regions. The main tool of my research is the COSMO-1 model.


  • Yue Tian, Junfeng Miao. 2019. A Numerical Study of Mountain-plain Breeze Circulation in Eastern Chengdu, China. Sustainability, 11, 2821, doi: 10.3390/su11102821.

  • Projects

    Foehn Dynamic - Lagrangian Analysis and Large-eddy-simulation

    This project is a collaboration between ETH Zurich and Goethe University Frankfurt. Each of the subprojects will be in charge of different topics of research. The research group in ETH Zurich will focus on the Lagrangian analysis, synoptic and mesoscale aspects of the Foehn flow. The research group in Goethe University Frankfurt will focus on high-resolution simulations, Eulerian analysis and meso- to microscale aspects of the Foehn flow. The combined effort will, in a hopeful manner, tackle old and new questions with the help of the advanced modeling and analyzing methods.