We recommend visiting our refectory (“Mensa”) for lunch on Thursday and Friday (first floor of the Casino Building, red 1 on the map). Alternatively, there are another Mensa in the “Anbau” (red 2) as well as the “Sturm und Drang” restaurant (red 4). Snacks are offered in the “Café Rotunde” in the main building (red 3).

Coffee, tea, and soft drinks will be available at the workshop, but there are also “Café Rotunde,” Café Alfredo (first floor of the Casino-Building), the “Sturm und Drang”, and the “Hopplo” (red 5). Arguably, the latter offers the best coffee on campus.


In case you have spare time to spend in Frankfurt, we recommend the following locations. (Click on the rectangle in the upper right corner to enlarge the map)