Main Station ↔ Hotel

Either via underground (Line 4, direction “Enkheim” or “Seckbacher Landstraße”; Line 5, direction “Preungesheim” ) or “S-Bahn” (Track 101 or 102; no chance to take the wrong train). Take the exit “Große Friedberger Straße” and follow this street. After approximately 400 meters, the Hotel Scala is on the left hand side.

For the way back from “Konstablerwache” to main station, either take the underground (Line 4, direction “Bockenheimer Warte”; Line 5, direction “Hauptbahnhof”) or the S-Bahn (any train from track 3).

Hotel ↔ Campus

Either go back to “Konstablerwache” and take the bus (Line 36, direction “Westbahnhof”). Get off at “Uni Campus Westend”. This is the main entrance of the Campus. Or take a walk to the underground station “Eschenheimer Tor” as indicated on the first map. Take the underground (Line 1, direction “Ginnheim”; Line 2, direction “Gonzenheim”; Line 3, direction “Hohemark”; Line 8, direction “Riedberg”) and get off at “Holzhausenstraße”. From there its a little walk to the campus' side entrance (second map). The first route takes way longer than the second, but there is more to be seen.

The workshop takes place in room Cas 1.801, which is on the first floor of the Casino, building number “1” on the following map. The main entrance to the campus is at the bottom of the map (below building number “3”; the side entrance is at the parking lot (labelled P) on its right).

Campus Westend

To get back, either leave through the main entrance and take bus line 36 (direction “Hainer Weg”) to “Konstablerwache”, or leave throught the side entrance, go back to the underground station “Holzhausenstraße”, and take any of the lines 1,2,3, or 8 (direction “Südbahnhof”) back to “Eschenheimer Tor”.

Campus → Main Station

Exit the campus via the main entrance, turn left, follow the street to the next signalling light, turn right, and cross the street. There is the bus stop “Bremer Platz” from which bus line 64 brings you to the main station in roughly 15 minutes.

Hotel → Sonne

To reach the location where the warming-up takes place, go back to “Konstablerwache” and take the underground line 4 in the direction “Enkheim” or “Seckbacher Landstraße”. Get off at “Bornheim Mitte” and leave the station in the direction of travel. Follow the “Berger Straße” until you reach the Gasthaus zur Sonne on the right side.

Brizzi → Hotel

Leave the restaurant, turn left, walk to the big street, turn left again. Then you'll see the underground station “Grüneburgweg”. From there, take any of the lines 1,2,3, or 8 (direction “Südbahnhof”) back to “Eschenheimer Tor”.