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Current CV (October 2018)

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt, at the Lehrstuhl of Prof. Katharina Hartmann. My primary research interests are in syntax and morphology, particularly the syntax and morphology of agreement, number and case.

I wrote my dissertation on nouns where there is a mismatch between the morphological value of a feature and the semantic value of a feature. Looking at these `hybrid nouns', I argued for a version of Agree that can capture the differences between semantically motivated agreement, and morphologically motivated agreement.

I have also worked on the phenomenon of suppletion. In joint work with Beata Moskal, we have looked at the role of adjacency in allomorphic relations. As part of a project with with Beata Moskal, Ting Xu, Jungmin Kang and Jonathan Bobaljik I've looked at the possible and impossible suppletion patterns for morphological case and number, and what this tells us about the internal make-up of these categories .
Other research includes work on the Mass/Count distinction, endoclisis and the clitic/affix distinction (in Udi and Sorani Kurdish), the Agreement Hierarchy and predication in Germanic languages.


Here is a full list of paper and talks that I have available. If anything is missing, please do email me. You can also find my full current CV.


Here is my 2015 dissertation, on the topic of mismatches between the morphological value of a phi-feature and the semantic value of a phi-feature.

Feature Mismatches: Consequences for syntax, morphology and semantics.


All versions here are pre-final. Please click on the links to be directed to the published version.
• Case and Number Suppletion in Pronouns.
(with Beata Moskal, Ting Xu, Jungmin Kang and Jonathan Bobaljik)
  - Natural Language and Linguistic Theory
• Object Agreement and Grammatical Functions: A Re-evaluation.
  - To appear in Language Science Press
• The Status of Heads in Morphology
(with Beata Moskal)
  - To appear in Oxford Research Encylopedia of Morphology
• Subject and non-subject ex-situ focus in Dagbani.
  - Under review
• The syntax of semantic agreement in English.
  - Journal of Linguistics 53(4), 823-863.
• Lexical plurals in Telugu: Mass nouns in disguise.
  - Lingvisticæ Investigationes 39(2), 234-252.
• Towards a theory without adjacency: Hyper-Contextual VI-Rules.   (with Beata Moskal)
  - Morphology 26(3-4), 295-312.
• Non-periphereal cliticization in Udi and Sorani Kurdish.
• Possible and Impossible Mismatches.
  - Under review. Note, this revises and supersedes an earlier version of this manuscript, which was titled `The Agreement Hierarchy and Agree.'


Feature conflicts, feature resolution and the structure of either ... or   (with Beata Moskal, Katharina Hartmann, and Zheng Shen)
  - The Proceedings of SinFonIJA X.
Pronominal suppletion: number and case.   (with Beata Moskal, Jungmin Kang, Ting Xu and Jonathan Bobaljik)
  - The Proceedings of NELS 45.
Count-mass nouns, inherent number and the unmasking of an imposter.
  - The Proceedings of the 50th Chicago Linguistics Society.
On the cross-linguistic rarity of endoclisis.
  - The Proceedings of Berkely Linguistic Society 39.
Collective (dis)agreement: On a 3/4 pattern of British English Collective NPs.
  - The Proceedings of ConSOLE XX.



Grammatical Functions (with Gert Webelhuth, BA Seminar, Summer 2018) (Evals)
Phänomene der Syntax (BA Seminar, Summer 2017) (Evals)
Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft (BA Seminar, Winter 2017)
Syntactic Properties of the Celtic Languages (MA Seminar, Winter 2017) (Evals)
The Typology of Case Assignment (MA Seminar, Winter 2016)
Syncretism and the Syntax-Morphology Interface (MA Seminar, Winter 2016)
Syntax III (MA Seminar, Summer 2016 (Evals), Summer 2018 (Evals), Summer 2019)
Morphologie I (BA Seminar, Summer 2016, Summer 2017 (Evals), Summer 2019)
Topics in Agreement (MA Seminar, Winter 2015)

University of Connecticut

Language and Culture (Instructor of Record) (Evals)
Language and Mind (Instructor of Record)
Language and Mind (Teaching Assistant)