Current and Recent Teaching

Summer 2019

- Labial Harmony (MA)
- Alliterative Concord (MA) (with C. Féry)
- Zyklizität (advanced BA)

Winter 2018

On parental leave

Summer 2018

- Phänomene der Phonologie (BA)
(with S. Duong Phu)
- Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft II (BA)
(with J. Biskupek)


Past Teaching

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

  - The phonology of morphemes (MA)
  - Markedness (MA)
  - (non-)isomorphy at the phonological interfaces (MA)
  - Locality in Phonology (MA)
  - Phonology 3 (MA)
  - Zyklizität (advanced BA)
  - Phänomene der Phonologie (BA)
  - Phänomene der Morphologie (BA)
  - Phänomene der Phonologie und Morphologie (BA)
  - Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft (BA) (with M. Bader, C. Meier, M. Schulze-Bünte, P. Smith and T. Strobel)

University of Connecticut

  - The Science of Linguistics (advanced BA)
  - Language and Culture (advanced BA)
  - Language and Environment (BA)
  - The Diversity of Languages (BA)