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Here is my CV (updated as of February 2019).

Here is my 2015 PhD. Thesis: Domains on the border: Between Morphology and Phonology.

Here is my 2009 MA Thesis: The Illusion of Metathesis.



2018. Feature Conflicts, Feature Resolution and the Structure of either...or (with P.W. Smith, K. Hartmann and Z. Shen). Jezikoslovlje.
2018. Excluding exclusively the exclusive: Suppletion patterns in clusivity. Glossa.
   - DOI: http://doi.org/10.5334/gjgl.362
2018. Labial harmony in Turkic and Tungusic languages: An elemental approach. Phonology.
   - DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0952675718000246
2018. Case and Number Suppletion in Pronouns (with P.W. Smith, J. Kang, T. Xu and J. Bobaljik). NLLT.
   - DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11049-018-9425-0
2016. Towards a theory without adjacency: hyper-contextual VI-Rules (with P.W. Smith). Morphology.
   - DOI: doi.org/10.1007/s11525-015-9275-y
2015. Limits on Allomorphy: A Case Study in Nominal Suppletion. LI.
   - DOI: https://doi.org/10.1162/LING_a_00185

Edited volumes

2018. Non-local Contextual Allomorphy (with I. Kastner). Snippets.

Book chapters

Accepted. The Status of Heads in Morphology (with P. W. Smith). Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology.
2013. Patterns of defective labial harmony in Turkic languages (with H. van der Hulst). Updates in Turkish Phonology .


2016. The Curious Case of Archi's 'father'. Proceedings of BLS 39.
2015. Pronominal Suppletion: Case and Number (with P.W. Smith, J. Kang, T. Xu and J. Bobaljik). Proceedings of NELS 45.
2014. The role of morphological markedness in inclusive/exclusive pronouns. Proceedings of BLS 40.
2013. It is elementary my dear Watson! Labial harmony in Turkic and Tungusic languages. Proceedings of WAFL 8.
2012. An elementary approach to labial harmony in Turkic languages. Proceedings of NWLC 2012

Selected Handouts

2017. Evidence for privative persons: clusivity-driven suppletion
  - Presented at GLOW 40, Leiden, the Netherlands.
2015. A number of cases of pronominal suppletion
  - Presented at GLOW 38, Paris, France. (with P.W. Smith, J. Kang, T. Xu and J. Bobaljik).
2014. Pronominal suppletion: Number and case
 - Presented at NELS 45, MIT, USA. (with P.W. Smith, J. Kang, T. Xu and J. Bobaljik).
2013. Limits on noun suppletion
 - GLOW 36, Lund University, Sweden.
2013. A Lengthy Note on Labial Harmony Triggers: evidence from Tungusic and Mongolian languages
 - OCP 10. Bogazi├ži University, Turkey.
2012. Clashes and Lapses: Responses to Edge Prominence
 - CUNY conference on the phonology of endangered languages, CUNY, USA.