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My Choreography / Choreology / Simulation Project

Sites concerning Human Animation and Simulation

University of Pennsylvania - Center for Human Modeling & Simulation (Jack)

ETH Lausanne - Computer Graphics Laboratory - Research projects (HUMANUID II)

Georgia Institute of Technology - Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center

Kinetix: Character Studio

Sites concerning Choreography

Life Forms

Sites concerning Choreology

OSU, Dept. of Dance Home Page (Labanwriter)

LED: An Editor for Labanotation (LED)

Dance Notation Bureau

The Language of Dance Centre

labanotation, movement, notation, tango - Shawn E. Koppenhoefer

Software Soutions - CLIP (Computerized Labanotation Instructional Program)>

Books concerning

Human Simulation
Dance Notation

Human Simulation

Norman I. Badler, Cary B. Philips, Bonnie Lynn Webber
Simulating Humans
Computer Graphics Animation and Control
Department of Computer and Information Science University of Pennsylvania

Oxford University Press, Oxford u.a.,1993

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, Daniel Thalmann
Synthetic Actors
in Computer-Generated 3D Films
Springer-Verlag, Berlin u.a.,1990

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, Daniel Thalmann (Eds.)
Creating and Animating the Virtual World

Springer-Verlag, Tokyo u.a.,1992

Dance Notation

Ann Hutchinson
The System of Analyzing and Recording Movement
Routledge/Theatre Arts Books, New York, 1991 (3rd edition)

Ann Hutchinson Guest
Dance Notation
The process of recording movement on paper
Dance Books Ltd, London, 1984

Editor: Ann Hutchinson Guest
Director of the Language of Dance Centre, London, UK

Claudia Jeschke
Tanzschriften (German)
Ihre Geschichte und Methode
Comes Verlag, Bad Reichenhall, 1983

A Study of Notation: Selected Bibliography


Kenneth Laws, Cynthia Harvey
Physics, Dance, and the Pas de Deux

An expansion of the physics of dance
Schirmer Books, New York, 1994
Mit einem NTSC-Video

Klaus Willimczik (HG.)
Biomechanik der Sportarten (German)
Grundlagen - Methoden - Analysen
Rowohlt, Hamburg, 1989

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