The project Limelight, named as a reminiscence to the film of Charles Chaplin, is a modular program which integrates all components, who are necessary for a professional computer aided choreographing.

Picture: Draft Limelight

The work in Limelight is project-oriented. In the project-window you collect all media belonging to the choreography. The media ranges from the storyboard, music (as sample and as notation), video, pictures to animation control data and dance-notation. Some media will be imported other media will be entered here or generated. The media could be synchronised via a common timecode.

An important instrument is Labanotation from which a computer animation will be generated. As host-program of LabanPad the notation can be imported or newly entered in Limelight. In opposition to the small display of the Apple Newton computer you could work stationary in a large format. Labanotation is also the basis of a future expert system for choreography.

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