LabanPad is a program for interactive Labanotation input. It will be implemented on a pen-based palmtop-computer (currently: Apple Newton) so "on location" work is really possible. Part of the program is a specialised recognition algorithm for handwritten input. Using a pen, the symbols could be written directly in place on the score. The system recognises the symbols an converts them in a tokenised code. A semantic representation of the score will be generated. Editing and reformatting of the score is now possible. Editing will be done using pop up menus and by gestures like mark and cross out.

Picture: Draft-LabanPad

LabanPad will be almost as easy in use as pen, paper and eraser but includes the power of a word-processor. To erase you simply draw a zig zag line. To move you circle what to move and show were to move to. Copying is available and additionally you could generate and use a library of your own movements. To change a symbol you double-click the symbol an the computer offers you all possible variations of the symbol concerning to the semantic context - an additional click an the change appears. The computer keeps track of the editing history, a recourse to earlier versions is always possible. Free undo and redo of editing steps are possible. One goal of the project is the visualisation of Labanotation using a stick-figure. It is the first time you could really see what you wrote down.

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