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Graduate School Nominal Modification (DFG)

Forschergruppe Relativsätze (DFG)
    NRR Semantische, pragmatische und prosodische Aspekte nicht-restriktiver Relativsätze
    RPR Prosodische Untersuchungen der restriktiven und nicht-restriktiven Relativsätze
SFB 632: Information structure

Prosody in Parsing
(Project in the DFG Priority Programme 1234:
"Phonological and phonetic competence: between grammar, signal processing, and neural activity")

Project on split constructions in DPs and PPs



Interface of Phonology and Syntax in the field of Prosody
  • Typology of intonation
  • Phrasing
  • Split constructions
  • Integration
Interface of Phonology and Semantics
  • main interest in the field of information structure: focus, topic and related phenomena
Theory of Grammar
  • with special interest in Optimality Theory
Phonology with the main emphasis in:
  • German and French intonation
  • metrical structure in German
  • prosodic structure with special interest in syllables and their moraic structure (phenomena of weight) in different languages
Interface of Phonology and Morphology