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Rhein Isteiner Klotz

Changing Environments:

Our Field Work and Sampling

Rhein um 1990          
Upper Rhine Plain in the early 1800s ...
  ... and in the late 1900s          
Martin Greenhouse
Martin work done

Martin – working in the greenhouse

Ruth – hunting for field samples

Martin - work done

Tarsius + Stefan
Pia u. Maike
Tarsius lariang, a new primate species
described by Stefan in 2006
Pia and Maike – sampling sediment cores
from a small Italian lake
  Snake research by Andreas in Nicaragua
(poisonous Oxybelis fulgidus)
Our lake sediment cores are
ecological archives
Core samples from 250 m deep
Lake Constance
Nora analyzing sediment cores in the lab
Our electric device to collect invasive
Asian Tiger Mosquitos from Southern Europe
Sebastian searching for rare
running water limpets (ancylids)
  Sampling freshwater crabs
somewhere in Southern Europe