Department of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Research apprenticeship project
Transnational Networks in the Knowledge Society

Project completed June 2012.
Project duration: April 2011-June 2012
Project supervisor: Dr. Petra Ilyes
Project assistant: Carolina Leersch
Project co-examiner: Franziska Sperling MA

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Over a period of 18 months the participants in the undergraduate research apprenticeship project Transnational Networks in the Knowledge Society at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology at Frankfurt University conducted individual research projects, under the supervision of a lecturer, on the role of transnational networks in constituting what is envisioned as the knowledge society. The project concluded with the Bachelor's Thesis.

"Traceable site": Visiting the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

"Footwork": Hiking through the Bois des Rames to the LIMSI

"Distributed": On-site, on-line, mobile, and networked research

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Bachelor's Theses (completed June 2012)

  • Dennis Arnold "Networking for Development" – New possibilities of networking and participation by the use of Web 2.0 technologies for development.
  • Britta Bauer "It's all networking" – Strategies of knowledge generation, practices of networking and transnational competences in worldwide emergency management. A case study of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW).
  • Andres Checa The role of ICTs in harnessing diaspora resources for development. The case of Latin Amercian diaspora knowledge networks.
  • Federica Cuticchio Will "Third Culture Kids" become Cosmopolites? The case of transnationally mobile scientists.
  • Helena Grabarević "Networking for Science Careers" – Practices of transnationally Mobile Scientists.
  • Tanja Jacob Relevance of personal networks in international student mobility. The case of African students from former Portuguese colonies in Lisbon.
  • Charlotte Kircher Connecting Platforms for transnational Professionals – on the example of Meetup Groups in Rome.
  • Katharina Klich "A culture of knowledge sharing and networking" – Managing business knowledge through Web 2.0-technologies in the global service sector.
  • Laura Kocksch Facebook Localism. New concepts of place in software-based presence in Social Network Sites (SNS).
  • Marie-Fleurine Kollmann A global science hub at the European periphery. The case of telemedicine in Tromsø / Northern Norway.
  • Carolina Leersch "Information is the currency of our daily work" – The role of interpersonal networks in Organizations among Parliamentary Assistants of the European Parliament.
  • Lenka Niederschuh Why connect? Networking as a mode of transnational collective action by non-governmental organisations.
  • Lara Regel "Bridges into the world". Dimensions of work practices of German foreign correspondents.
  • Sarah Seibt Networks of creatives and artists – communities of projects and their networking practices.
  • Viola Treumann Network Building as a New Strategic Tool in Development Work. Research on Networked Processes during Building and Establishing the Peruvian-German Umbrella Organization Alumni Alemania.

Fieldtrip to Paris July 2011

Research scapes include:

  • Networked organizations, sites, communities, etc., based in Germany as well as abroad (Brussels, Geneva, Istanbul, Lima, Lisbon, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tromsø)
  • Diaspora knowledge networks operated from Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico) as well as an online ICT4D network operated from India
  • Transnational networks of exchange students from Africa (Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau)