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I have written a award winning shareware backgammon program for Apple Newton computers. You may try it for four weeks. After that, the shareware fee is $40 (US). Or if this is too much for you $25 (US) for a lite version. Download PocketBackgammon 2.2.1 directly from this page. The program also includes a "vs. Newton" mode so you can play it alone. I have included some nice things in the program to increase performance, e.g. fuzzy-logic and an iterative assessment function in the game logic.

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Mac-Package (160 K)
Windows-Package. (144 K)

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Other locations for download (V2.2)

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Germany: (AMUG mirror)

This files are stuffed and binhexed. Mac users simply use StuffitExpander. Windows users use BINHEX.ZIP first, then SITEX10.EXE. You find the on (AMUG) too.


Human vs. Human, Human vs. Newton, Newton vs. Newton
Money Game and n-Point Match
Full Doubling-Cube Handling inc. Crawford Rule
Suggest Move
Autoplay (Play till end) and Stop Autoplay
Give up Button
Layouts: Backgammon, Nackgammon, Snake 3x
5 - Skill level incl. Expert-level
User Error Help function
3 dice roll systems incl. user picks numbers
Online Documentation and Rules
Pip count


May, 12. 1997 V2.2.1
Added a silly amount of white space around the board on large screens
instead staying in the upper left corner.
Autoplay button now plays without irregular stops on OS2.x.

Dec, 1996
Pocket Backgammon wins the Joy of Mac Award of the Australian Macworld
for the best Newton Game in 1996! :-)

Nov, 7. 1996 V2.2
Doubling bug removed causing suspicious doubling offers.
Bug in computer logic removed pretending phantom points if a "one" was rolled.
Bug allowing human to take very long moves if he rolls doublets removed.
Assist button now uses assist level.
Some new concepts added to he expert level.
Pip-count enhanced now allows clicks.
User interaction disabled if computer moves.
Longer free trail-time.
Manual Proofreaded.

20. May 1996 V2.1
Pip count and back game logic added.

9. May 1996 V2.0
First english release, full of new features.

9. Dez. 1995 V1.1 - 18. Jan. 1996 V1.3
Bugs removed some new features in the German version.

6. Dez. 1995 V1.0
First german version published.

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