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Practical information

Conference Hotel

All speakers will be staying in the GHOTEL hotel & living München-Zentrum, Baaderstraße 88-90, 80469 Munich-Isarvorstadt, Tel. +49-89-127 180. This hotel is conveniently located next to the Saint Maximilian Church, within a 10 minute walk along the Isar river from the Deutsches Museum, and within three minutes from the underground station Fraunhoferstraße.

For the website of the hotel, please click here.

For its location on Google Maps, please click here.

A number of additional rooms have been reserved in the GHOTEL München-Zentrum for further participants in the conference. At least until October 16 these are available at the special conference rate of 65 euro per night for a single room (85 euro for a double room). For details of booking, please send an email to E-Mail schicken an transformation@lrz.uni-muenchen.de E-Mail.

Finding your way around

Airport to Conference Hotel

From the Airport to the GHOTEL München-Zentrum, take the S-Bahn (local train, S1 or S8) from the airport to Munich’s Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), and then the U-Bahn (underground, U1 or U2) to the station Fraunhoferstraße. In detail:

After having claimed your baggage at the airport, follow the signs Exit/Ausgang and then the signs (a white S in a green circle) to the S-Bahn station, which is located underground, one flight down from the central square between terminals 1 and 2. Buy a ticket from one of the machines; for one person press the button “4” for a 4-zone ticket at € 9,20; for two persons you may take a “Partner-Tageskarte Gesamtnetz” for € 18,-. If you intend to make any further trips by public transport on the same day, you make take the Single- or Partner-Tageskarte (respectively € 10,- and € 18,-), which will be valid for all of Munich until 6 am the next morning.

N.B.: The ticket machines seem to indicate that they accept any bill up to 50 euro. However, in fact only the next higher bill from the amount that you need to pay will be accepted. This means, in practice, that it is very handy to have a note of 10 € (for one person) or 20 € (for two persons) at hand.

Important: Do not forget to validate your ticket in the small blue stamping machines near the ticket machines!!

You may take whichever train happens to be waiting, either the S1 in the direction Neufahrn or Ostbahnhof or the S8 in the direction Geltendorf. You will arrive at Munich Hauptbahnhof in somewhat more than 40 minutes.

Now follow the signs to the U-Bahn lines 1 and 2 (the signs to lines 4 and 5 guide to a different platform, relatively far removed from the right one). The same ticket is valid both for the S-Bahn and for the U-Bahn. Take either the U1 in the direction Mangfallplatz, or the U2 in the direction Kolombusplatz or Messestadt Ost. Get off at the second stop, Fraunhoferstraße, after a ride of only 3 minutes.

Now leave the platform in the same direction in which the train continues to move. Take the exit Baaderstraße on the right side, and continue in southern direction on the Baaderstraße. You will reach the GHOTEL, a large, relatively new building on the right side of the street, after just a minute or two.

From the Hotel to the Deutsches Museum

To get to the Deutsches Museum from the hotel, walk to the Isar river (for example, by passing the large church almost opposite to the main entrance of the hotel), turn left and then walk down along the river for around 800 meters. Unfortunately there are construction sites on both sides of the river just after the first bridge (the Reichenbachbrücke); please be careful when walking on the bicycle path around these sites.

You may also take bus number 131 from the stop Fraunhoferstraße (just after the Reichenbachbrücke) at 9.00, 9.20, 9.40, etc. am. Get off at the next stop, Boschbrücke, after only two minutes, and you will be right in front of the Deutsches Museum. The ticket costs € 1,20 (so-called "Kurzstrecke") and may be purchased from the driver.

Enter the Bibliothekgebäude of the Deutsches Museum through one of the large, very heavy metal doors at the top of a flight of stairs (opposite from the entrance to the actual museum). In the building turn left, then right, and at the end of a very long corridor again right to come to the Alter Seminarraum. Sign posts will guide you there and in case of doubt you may ask the desk officer near the entrance.

To the Deutsches Museum by public transport

The Deutsches Museum is nearest to the S-Bahn station Isartor (leave the station in the direction of the Ostbahnhof and continue walking in the same direction along the Zweibrückenstraße until you come to the Isar river and see the Museum on the right). Tram number 18, which also stops at the main train station, has a stop Deutsches Museum on the Ludwigsbrücke just north of the Museum complex. Bus number 131 has a stop Boschbrücke just in front of the main entrance of the Museum. See also http://www.deutsches-museum.de/information/zur-museumsinsel/.


The weather in Munich is rather unpredictable at any time of the year. The average for early November is typical autumn weather with day temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius (50 F), possibly showers. But it may also be warmer and sunny, or colder and sunny, with even the possibility of frost and snow. A fairly reliable prediction for the next three days can be found on http://www.wetteronline.de/Bayern/Muenchen.htm (click on "Trend" to see the prediction for the following three days). At the moment the weather forecast for Friday is rainy and for Saturday partially sunny, lowest temperatures around 2° C (36° F), highest temperatures around 7° C (44° F). Thursday is supposed to be a fairly nice autumn day with quite some sun and temperatures just above 10° C (50° F).

Restaurants in the neighbourhood of the Deutsches Museum

There is a wide variety of restaurants near the Deutsches Museum. At the conference a handout with a map will be distributed.

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